Monday, December 14, 2015

December 14th letter

Well, what a confusing week.
Started out teaching these members the law of chastity, and commited them to get married since they are living together with kids. im not really sure that one has slipped by for so long, but they are going to get married in februaray. that was a major success for my comp and i. then tuesday we did a giant family home evening with us and two other elders and like 5 families in the ward. we had a giant asado!!!(bbq but more meat ahha). then wednesday we went to rancagua for a christmas activity with the president and half the missionaries from the about getting homesick hahaha. so friday we turned that homesickness into pure success. we found 4 four new people and gave them all baptism dates. We now have Kamal, Daniela, Sergio Barria, Sergio Escobera, MArcela, Janet, all with baptism dates in January...lets hope they all go to church and keep there commitments....also fabiana and fernando said after christmas they are taking a break from selling stuff and will be 100 percent commited to coming to church and getting baptised so lets hope that they do it. i hope all these people come through and my comp and i start getting success. changes are this tuesday!!! but im staying another change in Buin, an answer to my prayers because i really wanted to stay here because i think that we will see some of our investigators get baptized here soon. a dude from argentina and equador are going to be living with my comp and i. looks like we will be speaking spanish every night in the house. lol. other than that a few quotes i wanted to share...
"if you quit now, others will painfully learn what you already know"
¿are you living worthy of the person you want to marry?

anyways if any of you were thinking about a last second christmas package, soccer jerseys and jerkey are always at the top of my list. hahaah. Love you all and hope all is well back home.
Elder Waite

December 7th Letter

Well, it is definatly summer time here in Chile. i am burning up!!!! I am sweating more than i can drink each day. it is cool though because people let us in there house just because they feel bad....teaching opportunities! we are doing alright,  we have 3 people with baptismal fechas for the 2nd of january....but lets hope they dont fall like all the others. i have faith is these ones. we found like 20 new people this week. contacting like crazy! an older lady (like 85) completed her 25 years as a convert this week so my comp and i bought a little cake and celebrated with. yesterday was a big game for the league here in chile. Colo Colo won the league and there fans went crazy shooting people at the game and marching in streets and stuff. In buin it is a little more chill but we found some dudes super wasted with flags and stuff. We stopped and i played a little ball with them to find those investigators somehow. Last week i took the 30 egg challenge (30 eggs in one week) took me 4 days...whats up hahah. anyway that was my week. there is big market in the plaza for christmas time. that is cool. 
Elder Waite

Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30, 2015

Well, our investigators jsut wont budge. sunday is like the day to do everythign here in chile and church just doesnt appeal to people, even when they tell you it is a commandment and they need it to be saved. We left the family with alison this week, we arent going back. Fabianna hasnt been back to church. But other than that, we have found a lot of new people to teach this wish us luck....we are going to invite literally everyone of new people to be baptised this week. Hno. Victor Ochoa, the one who my old comp and i found on his birthday is now 100 percent active is giving up his drinking problem. We had the primary program this week which was great. it made me a little trunky haha. it felt like home. Thanksgiving was alright, we made oatmeal with chocolate milk and mate for dinner...go us.¡#broke  this week i was kissed twice by guys...weird. one drunk and one gay. yeah that was a weird experience. pictures of the gay guy that kissed me will be posted on the blog. hope you are enjoying time with family and the holidays.

Elder Waite
Chile Rancagua Mission

here are a few other things he mentioned this week.

yeah, pretty tired to be honest. but all is good. i sent off an envelope with letters for the fam this week. be looking for it in a couple weeks

sweet! how blessed i am. we changed to summer here now, so we now work until 11 30 at night. Crazy !!!

yeah. we push him like 2 miles to church every week (talking of the guy in the wheelchair in the third picture)

Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015

Elder Waite's Report for the week.

This week we went crazy! We put 4 baptismal dates for investigators. Fabiana and her husband Fernado accepted dates for the 12th of December. Also we found this young family and i dropped them with a baptism date first lesson....the only thing is they arent married so we put their date for the end of january so that they can live the law chastity first. We have been going so ham. working like crazy. Also we did a service project, and we are literally building a house...from is sketchy and i think we are going back again this week. That was cool and super hard work. Ive also kind of took up cooking a little bit. I am the an of the house and everyone buys ingredients and i whip up something good to least good for missionaries ahhaa. I saw a talk that i want you all the look up called THE FAMILY IS OF GOD-Carole Stephans. it is a super good talk and i encourage all of you to give a good study...well worth your time. Also, some cool quotes i want to share, ¨"When was the last time that i chose to be happy rather than demanding to be "right"?"
"Look at people with the eyes of the savior, not with your physical eyes".

Anyway, all is going super well for me. Always have little trials come around but the work is well worth. Love you all, every email, letter, pàckage, pray, and thought really make a difference. 
Elder Waite
Chile Rancagua Mission

Sunday, November 22, 2015

November 16th Letter

This week we had diivisions again. i led the sector with a kid who had less than a week on his mission....but he was so full of faith and everything went well. some quick news....FABIANNA WENT TO CHURCH!!!!! yeah, that was sick, so we are going to see how her experience went and hopefully give her a date for baptism. 
We did service like 4 days this week for quite a long time actually. we also had another investigator at church this week too...Janet. and 5 less actives. Lets just say we were feeling pretty good at church this week hahah.We fond a couple new people to teach this week and one let us in...but he doesnt belive in preisthood so that is a tough situation to take of, but we are working on that. we had a meeting with the new president (for like 2 weeks) he pretty much just smacked us in the face and no one wanted to do much that day. He told us that we dont have baptism because we arent good missionaries....but the whole entire mission had 6 baptisms the last 2 months...its hard here. Then he asked if we were going to change that and we all said yes, he said no, you guys dont have faith and dont work hard...then we had a prayer and left...yeah that was rough..but other than that we had a great week!

Elder Waite
Chile Rancagua Mission

Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9 Report

Here is a few notes from our conversation and the letter home this week.  Thanks everyone who writes to Elder Waite.

This week i got my new comp. Elder Porter. He is a district leader so he is super by the rules on the dot and is working super hard with me. i showed him the outline of our area on tuesday. we have been contacting like crazy and have given out over 20 book of mormons this week. i also went on cambios with the zone leader this week. that was a learning experience. Saturday i taught an english class which was a little scary but it went good. i am going to be teaching one every saturday now. Also for the crazy experience thi elder in my house broke his jaw and had to get surgery!
love you all!

I asked what he is eating now...
food is alright. pretty bland a lot. a lot of rice and soups which kinda suck cause it is hot. also salad with every meal. but it is just lettuce covered in oil and lemon juice. but i actually like that now. and for myself i eat oatmeal because its cheap, noodles too. and sometimes eggs. fruits are starting to come out now so a lot of that

i was in a trio today because my comp was in santiago for a doctors visit because he has herpies in his eye hahahahhah. so i had to go pick him up then buy his food for the week

When asked if he was happy, Elder Waite replied,
yeah! the only thing is i get alittle homesick sometimes but that is normal i guess

When asked how things in general were, and about his new companion...
all is going good. he is a super hard worker. and yeah im healthy

That's all I have for this week.  Thanks again to everyone who writes to Elder Waite

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

October 26th and Nov 2 2015 Letters

October 26th

So this week started off on a bad note. I got sick with...something..hahah and was puking all week but that is in the past. Fabianna and Fernando are super great but wont come to church...and we are running out of ideas. but we will see what more we can do this week. We found a less active family this week and they are a grandmother, her daughter, and grand daughter. they are all members except the grand daughter. so we are focused on them and getting them to church, we had a lesson and the daughter commited to come to church this week. hopefully we can get them all but we are making a lot of progress there. I also had a super spuritual experience this week. So wednesday morning i woke up puking and wasnt feeling good. but we went out anyway. i was praying for miracle because i wasnt feeling. my comp said that we should visit this inactive guy who we didnt know and so we looked his address in the area book and went to his house before our lunch appt just to see who he was. He opened the door with a giant smile on his face and invited us in. We introduced ourselves and told him that we came to visit him because we had never seen him at church. He told us that he had a surgery, that had him away from church for a couple months then a project from work. He hadnt been to church at this time for 5 months. He was getting ready to go back but he thought to himself that NO ONE in this 5 months had visited him, called him or anything from the church. His wife also had divorced him 2 years ago and he never sees his kids now. Because he lives alone he got into a drinking problem. Then he started crying. He said, Today is my birthday, and i opened the book of mormon to read and then i prayed. i ask for someone to visit me today on my birthday because i am so lonely. then you guys showed up at my house. It was incredible. We went to his house later that night to have a little party and share a message. He said he will come to church next week so fingers crossed. 

What is a week without a wild experience. One day this guy walked up to us and said, i want to hit you in the face. We just looked at him and he took of my comps plaque and pointed at the name jesucristo and said he doesnt exsist, and because we teach about he wanted to punch us. my comp said no and we needed to leave so i started walking and the guy grabbed my shirt and pulled me back and said again, can i punch you. i said do it then we are we going to leave. but he didnt do it and we just left. kind of cool. haha

Elder Waite

November 2nd
So, this week was pretty slow mission wise because there was a lot of thing going on. There was a soccer game wednesday (for the u-17 world cup) so we had to be in the house at 5. We made cookies and just chilled which was nice to have a break. Thursday was a pretty normal day. Friday we went to Rancagua which was sweet, big city and we had lunch at the presidents house which is always a positive thing. That was for a meeting with all the trainers and there missonaries. Saturday was halloween, which sucked because i got so trunky with all the music and kids and all. but we went contacting and my companion was wanting to go home early, so i contacted without his help and found 3 new people to teach. he later thanked me for my example as he was watching me contact. Sunday we found out that my companion is getting transfered, so he got mad and just stayed in bed until church at 11. Then we went and started saying goodbye to all the people in the branch. 

Now for the crazy expiernce of the week.....SKINHEAD!! woohoooo. It is getting kind of funny now how hard this guy tries to harass us. On halloween he made a flag the said f mormons and gringos and ran and put it in our face and yelled long live satan. ahhaha funny. 

Elder Waite
Chile Rancagua Mission

Thursday, October 22, 2015

October 19, 2015

Well we will start off with the positive experiences this week. Our investigators that are progressing are Fabianna and Fernado as you all ready know. They started reading a little bit from the book of mormon and they have so much faith and such a good spirit...but they wont come to church. They said they dont like how we wear ties and nice clothes but we are trying to get them to understand that is just out of respect that we dress in our best. We also have a less active who is now reading the book of mormon, attending institute and church. so that is good. We did a service project this week, we cut down a tree. but the hard part was the top was in grown in the power cable so i climbed up like 15-20 feet on the ladder made of rotten wood to cut those out...kind of scary but pretty cool. It rained for two days straight and got about 6 inches standing water in the sides of the streets. There was the ground breaking for the Concepcion Chile temple so that was exciting here.

Now to the stories. 
i think that it was hate North Americans week here in Chile or something. 
First Story, The SKINHEAD tattoo guy returned...he was walking across the street and basically did the same thing, but his friend yelled and said in spanish, "go back to north america or we will kill you" i said nos vemos manano po. (see ya tomorrow dude) and then they left. haven´t seen them for a couple days. 

Second Story, We were crossing the street and this car started speeding up so we backed up and the guy rolleddown his window and yelled f america...then drove off. 

Third Story, Yesterday we were walking to an apppointment and this older lady (55-65) came out of her house and asked if we were from north america. My comp said no, but my companion is. She then looked right in my eyes and went off for about 5 minutes about how she hates me because our government killed her brothers like 40 years ago or something. i couldnt catch it all because she was talking so fast. Then she talked to my comp calmly for like 5 minutes, then we started walking off and she went off again about how she hated me.

On top of all that, we ran into young kids (12-18) like six times this week who know every swear word and other stuff and i called every single one. 

it is kind of cool hearing all these stories and i cant wait to have more. My spanish is coming along and i taught a family home evening solo the other day in spanish with a member family to practice so that was good.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

October 12, 2015

So, this week was pretty slow. We were getting doors slammed in our face all week. Got yelled at ton, and yeah. but we also set 2 baptismal dates this week so wohooo! hopefully they will keep progressing and make it to there date without any problem. Alittle about them. Their names are Fabianna and Fernando. They make a living off selling crafts they make. The husband is really skilled at carving things and makes like little wood cars that roll and stuff. We had our third lesson and they accepted the invitation to be baptized but didnt come to church this week so that is small problem. This week was a soccer game between Chile and Brazil which was crazy. Litterally everything shuts down here and big parties in the streets. We had to go to our house 2 hours early because it isnt safe. So we had a little party with the 4 of us in the house. The neighbors kept us updated on the score. Chile won 2-0. My comp is from Brazil so he has been getting crap all week and it is pretty funny. i started a new game with my comp because he likes to sleep sleep way the game is called terremotto o tsunami. (Earthquake or tsunami). In the morning i ask him terremotto o tsunami. and if he says terremotto i shake his bed until he wakees up or falls out. if he says tsunami i dump water on him. he never picks that haha. and ifhe is too lazy to decide, i do. he hates the game but i get sick of him sleeping in. We went to this cool market thing called the ferria which is just a GIANT market where people just sell anything and everything. Sunday was great, then we went to pick up our lunch and they had forgotten about us so we didnt get lunch...oops, but that is ok because we litterally eat so much it is hard. after weekly planning we were going to bring sacrament to an oldlater and on the corner of our street was a gangster waiting for us. He yelled f you gringos (because me and one other gringo live in our house and a brasilian and an ecuadorian.) then he flipped us off. the other gringo waved and said hi which pissed the guy off. he waved his finger then took off his shirt and pointed to a tat on his stomach wich said "SKINHEAD" which was kind of confusing honestly. and then he yelled some more bad stuff in spanish and left. on our way to the ladys house was a shaved dog spray painted with nazi symbol....after the sacrament at her house we were going to a family home evening and we got followed by a scitsofenic ( Spelling???) guy who im not going to repeat the weird things he was telling us...but yeah we gave him a pass along card. hahah. That was my most entertaining sunday. 

In case you were wondering about the are the most common things:
Chicken(cooked is an option. lol) 
hotdogs in any and every dish.

weird things i have eaten here... soup with meat, potato and banannas..that sucked.
pizza...kind of...had guac, tomatoes, chicke, corn, and pineapple. 
and sometimes, depending on the house you eat the bones after you eat the chicken. 

thats all i have for this week. pray for my investigators, spanish, and to find new people. love you all. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Sept. 28, 2015

Well, lets start out by saying that South America is tight. My first area is called Buin. it is at the very northern tip of my mission about 20 miles from santiago. My companions name is Elder Chaves from Brasil and sometimes he starts speaking to me in portugese which is hard because he doesnt realize it. Spanish is super tough to be honest...if you can call it spanish. They don`t use many normal spanish and they besically mix every 5 words into one. They talk so fast that they all could become famous rappers if they wanted. hahaha so yeah if you didnt understand my message i cant understand anything. We had one baptismal date but it fell, so we are just focusing on members (to practice my spanish) and some contacting. Our apartment is pretty....humble. no hot water except in the shower, which sometimes workks for like 5 minutes but it isnt that bad. I just wish i could learn spanish now. It has been alittle cold this week but i am told it is going to get really really hot soon. We did a couple service projects this week. We painted a room for this lady and the other we re roofed a house. The people here live in very humble places. One house we went to only had a bathroom(just a toliet) and a bedroom with one bed a table which took up all the space, and that was their home. all the homes are small and simple but the people are sooo nice. Even the people who arent members help us out. They dont eat dinner here, only breakfast then lunch at a members house. But they eat like 6 meals for lunch. for example, yesterday for lunch we had two bowls of soup and 3 sandwiches to start, followed by a giant plate of spagetti, then dessert. and we have to eat everything they give us haha. its hard because sometimes the food isnt up to par but its all good. something else that is different here is for the summers we work until 11:30 at night and dont wake up til 7:30. I guess it is like chilean customs or something. It rained one of the days a ton and we were walking in water up to my shin which was pretty cool. Im going to finsih with so far the craziest story of my mission. Saturday night my comp and i were walking to a members house to share a scripture( we walk like 8-10 miles a day) and we were stopped by this guy. He said hey come on in guys so we entered this guys buisness. It is like 8 at night and we go into this guys back dirt place of the buisness. We sit down with these three guys who are drinking...a lot...smoking and doing cocaine. my companion gets uncomfortable and tries to tell the guy we need to leave but they want to talk. We talk for like an hour and my comp goes to the bathroom. i dont really understand the fast chilean spanish and it was 15x harder with drunk chilean spanish. but i asked them if they like soccer and they said yes and so i offered to play with them sometime and got their contact info. long story short we ended up spending 2 hours there, reading a whole chapter from the builble, handied out 3 pass along cards and a book of mormon. and we going to visit one this week. TIGHTTTT. #thuglife. The rumor about the dogs is true. every street has about 4 dogs with missing fur and fleas laying there but its cool. they are calm most of the time. 
Hope all is well.
Elder Waite
Chile Rancagua Mission

Here are some other things he mentioned:

im alright. stuggling pretty hard. but honestly i dont need anything.just some one to translate chileano y portugese for me hahah

yeah my comp is so cool

everything is sooooo nice in the states

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Quick Report from Chile Sept. 22, 2015

Well, im here in Chile. i have a couple minutes to write you a quick emal. my pday day is monday. this mission here is all about work. i traveled from 4 in the afternoon until 3 the next afternoon. had a quick interview and welcome then went straight to my area for work. my trainer is from brasil and doesnt know much english but we have 3 bapisimal dates in the next month. starting off early. love ya and talk to you next monday.

Elder Waite
Chile Rancagua Mission

I guess he made it

22 September 2015

Dear Family of Elder Corbin Wayne Waite,

Sister Warne and I just finished welcoming the missionaries that arrived this week to serve our Lord in the Chile Rancagua Mission. Here is a photo for your family.

It is clear that these missionaries are very dedicated, that they love Jesus Christ, and that they have desires to share the gospel with the Chilean people. This work will make them happy, and the Lord will bless them for the service they give.

The people here in Chile are very kind, and the missionaries have opportunities to share the gospel every day. Thank you for the support that you provide, it is very important to your missionary.

Sister Warne and I love the missionaries and we will take care of them during their time here. We ask for blessings from the Lord for all of you.


President and Sister Warne

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sept. 17, 2015

Well this has been a SUPER eventful week here in Mexico. The mexico city temple was dedicated this week. before they had a giant culture celebration, and what a culture shock hahaha. it is for sure way different. then the next day we got to be a part of the temple dedication. that was one of the coolest experiences of my life. Later today we get to go to the temple and if there is room do some endowments. but it isnt looking likely because it has been packed since the dedication. Also some more crazy news. some guy tried to get into the mtc and killed someone outside the walls and then fired a couple rounds into the mtc before being stopped. no one here was hurt or even close. god protects his missionaries. Tuesday night/ Wednesday was mexicos independence day and that was crazy. We had to go to our houses early that night because everyone was shooting guns into the air...and what goes up must come down...hahaha. it was a super fun experience though. We got some cool mexican music that night coming into our windows though. We started this thing called "Tie Drafts". Everyone brings a tie and puts it on a table then everyone puts their name in a hat and then we pick the order of which you get to pick a tie. i have been very profitable in them haha. My tie game has been improving and i look to continue trading up. Also, i encourage you guys to look up a mormon message called "Good things to come". it is such a great message and comforts you when things are hard and also helps you see the purpose of enduring through hard times. When we let up or quit we leave room for satan to enter our lives emotionally and spiritually. i hope that message helps you guys. Well, this monday im off to chile. my flight is from 8 at night to 6 in the morning, give or take. That will be rough but im excited to start missionary work for real. hopefully my spanish can just keep up for a while because apparently the fasted dialect of spanish is spoken in chile. yikes...but i know the lord will help me as i am trying to serve.

Elder Waite
Chile Rancagua Mission

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sept 10, 2015

Well this was probably one of the best weeks of the mission so far as the mtc goes. Talk about small world. there is a teacher here, his name is hermano palma and he served his mission with mason yates. carazy how small the world is. So i have a crazy story about my teacher here in the mtc who almost got arrested...his wife is 8 months pregnant and is having a rough time and is going to the hospital a lot. On saturday night our teacher *hermano garza* got a call that they had to bring his wife to the hospital so right after class he went straight to the hospital. when he got there he asked where his wife was and no one would help him and know one knew where she was. he obviously got worried and angry. he put on an old hoodie, snuck past all the security and made his way into the office of the man who runs the whole hospital. he put his hand into his jacket making it look like a gun. he cornered the guy and made demands for his wife to be found. the guy located his wife and apologized then my teacher simply said thank you and smiled then walked out. hahahahah what a crazy story. the district has has its most successful week in terms of focus and learning. it has been raining a lot flooding a bit. i traded 8 ties this week. it has become a sick obsession of mine haha. also on friday we were playing soccer with latinos and one of them kicked me square in the eye. i was rocking the black eye this week. and i forgot to take a picture. i am so excited to help people change their lifes through the help of the atonement and gospel of jesus christ. i love you all.
Elder Waite
Chile Rancagua Mission

Thursday, September 3, 2015

September 3, 2015

Here is the weekly report from Mexico City

Well, the sickness continues, just as i was getting over the virus i got the stomach flu. that was a fun 3 days. hahaha but it is all good. everyone has their own trials in different ways. the spanish is coming, but it is pretty hard because we learn 2 new topics a day and then we never touch on them again....but i feel like there is A LOT of improvement. I have started going out to the cement soccer court every day during exercise time now..that is a great escape. i was pretty sad though because all my latino friends left for their missions this week and that was a pretty hard thing to do(say bye). they are some cool dudes are are going to be doing some great things. one of them is serving in salt lake city. a new district came into our zone this week. two of them are going to be serving in the reno nevada mission. i told them all about it haha. hopefully they come to fallon one day and give everyone my personal hellos. We had another devotional this tuesday....they are always so good. it is nice to know that the apostles of the lord take time to personally speak to the missionaries...puts into perspective how important the work is. the food here seems to be going downhill and they have been having some problems with the water. we had to go two mornings this week without water at our house...Que Bueno!!! ahahha. but it is alright, little things like that are unimportant. as i said last week we go to this thing called TRC. i love that and this week my comp and i got to talk to this girl who is working in the temple right now. she is wanting to serve a mission and is going to put her papers in soon i think. she told us she loves to learn languages and she is 19 and already speaks spanish, english, portugese, italian, and i cant ever get spanish hahaha. I started getting quite a few blisters on my feet from all the soccer my feet arent use to, but everyone here think im some sort of magician with the soccer ball. haha everyday there is alittle fight on who gets to pick me first....i wish i could trade soccer skills for spanish skills. i guess it is just a reflection on the amount of time and effort put into things....entonces i need to put more effort into spanish and rely on the help from the holy ghost. District leader is all right. i go to meetings every sunday to talk with our branch president and our zone leaders about the progress of our is kind of intimidating but it is fun. prayer will help your lives and i encourage you all to try and make prays more sincere and heart felt. i love and miss you all.
Elder Waite

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Another Week of Progress

Well, the CCM plague that Ryan told you all about hit me. I´ve been under the weather for 4 days but i am starting to make solid progress now. Elder Heap and i go out and play papí futbol every other day and that is nice for me to relax and get into my comfort zone. all the latinos here just call me messi because i was a messi jersey and i was playing pretty good. haha My comp is really stugggling with spanish so in lessons i do most of the talking then he says, "NO Expacion, no Salvacion" (No atonement, no salvation) haha it is pretty funny. Elder Todd Christofferson of 12 came and gave us devotional yesterday....very spirtual. My two fav quotes were "you know you are a real missionary when getting rejected hurts, not for you, but because you love them and are pained because they are missing the gospel"
and the other on was that the lord will never leave us alone. We got to go to the open house for the mexico city temple is hugeeeeee. biggest one in the world outside of the states. that was a great experience as well. We have been doing this thing called TRC which is cool. it is just volunteers from mexico and we get to talk to them in spanish for 20-30 minutes. i held a 25 minute conversation the other day en solo español. it was a great feeling. The food is alright but my comp and i are slimming down on meals because ive gained 10 lbs already haha. We know will get sick in chile and lose it all in a month or two anyway. lol. i love you all and cant wait to here from you.

Elder Waite
Chile Rancagua Mission

Here is a few more notes that Elder Waite sent too...
my comp and i made some super good latino friends and today was our last p day together playing papi futbol. we all said goodbye and they started crying. it was pretty learning what it means to love people for who they are

He is doing good!  Miss him, but proud.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

First Letter From the CCM. Aug 20,2015

Hey Everyone!!
The CCM or mtc as you gringos would call it is pretty cool. it is like a little city in the middle of mexico city. we have a little store that we get 100 pesos credit each week (like 8 buck) and a little hair salon and a gym. I am district leader of district 15a here. Good group of guys. We have had a couple moments of small arguments but we have an Elder who keeps everything light. His name is elder smith. 210lbs 5 foot 7, big glasses, dorky haircut...but he is the best!!! We write down quotes from him every day. A couple of my favorite....
"If John the Revalator can eat a book, i can eat a napkin" followed up with eating napkin.

"When a girl had blonde hair and dark eyebrows im like, not fooling me"

"Its raining blessings" as he pulls out his umbrella in sunlight. 
They might not be as funny to you guys because you dont know him but i hope that you get a laugh. 

My comp is cool. Big dude from Arizona. He lifts for fun and the other we were in the gym and he asked me to spot him as he benched...he had 360lbs at one point, like bro you think i can help you with that. hahahha

I am the district leader here for my district 15a. We are the only the district without hermanas in it but it is probably better so all the elders can focus on their study..

The food is good 2 out the 3 meals a day but when it is good we eat so much. i am gaining weight because eat all we can then go to class hahah. I miss you all and hope for emails. 

Con mucho amor,

Elder Waite

a little more to say because i got a little more time. 
It is hard to sleep at night because there are always cars, gunshots, and sirens. the city up on the side of the hill is super cool. i look at it everyday. in the little store here i spend all my money and there gatorades(they are a liter and have all kinds of flavors) that are like 19 pesos. and this other drink that is just like that coconut water you drink but with pineaplpe in it too. sooooo good.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Start of Something Great.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015 Corbin began his mission leaving early in the morning from the Reno, Nevada airport.  After saying his goodbyes he flew to the MTC in Mexico City.

We received this short message Wednesday night letting us know he arrived.

Hey Padre, 
Tell mom and chalea i said hi, i get one quick email to let you guys know that everything went well. Mexico City is just like San Jose and there were even roof dogs. My P day is on Thursday, except i dont get one tomorrow, so next week. Hopefully i can find my companion, he is mia. They told me just to stay in group until tomorrow and hopefully i can find him. i love you guys and i will talk to you next week.

Elder Waite
Chile Rancagua Mission

Can't wait for Thursday to get here!