Monday, December 14, 2015

December 7th Letter

Well, it is definatly summer time here in Chile. i am burning up!!!! I am sweating more than i can drink each day. it is cool though because people let us in there house just because they feel bad....teaching opportunities! we are doing alright,  we have 3 people with baptismal fechas for the 2nd of january....but lets hope they dont fall like all the others. i have faith is these ones. we found like 20 new people this week. contacting like crazy! an older lady (like 85) completed her 25 years as a convert this week so my comp and i bought a little cake and celebrated with. yesterday was a big game for the league here in chile. Colo Colo won the league and there fans went crazy shooting people at the game and marching in streets and stuff. In buin it is a little more chill but we found some dudes super wasted with flags and stuff. We stopped and i played a little ball with them to find those investigators somehow. Last week i took the 30 egg challenge (30 eggs in one week) took me 4 days...whats up hahah. anyway that was my week. there is big market in the plaza for christmas time. that is cool. 
Elder Waite

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