Monday, April 25, 2016

April 25th. Going Great

This week was pretty good dispite not being in the sector on friday. We taught a new investigator with a member this week named Eveline. She really has a love for Jesus Christ and the Bible, but has a hard time believing that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. however, she committed to read and pray about it and accepted a fecha baptismal. Bad news is we didnt have contact with Vicotr and Rebecca this week. Nicolas didnt go to church, but we have plans to visit him today and explain the sabbath day to him and all his family. I have been struggling in finding a real love for the people here in chile, and in the reunion that we had we talked a lot about love for the people we serve. Also in my personal studies i came upon 2 nephi 26:30 that says without charity we are nothing. I have the goal to continue and work on that. We are working well as a companionship. Elder Espinoza is a fine young man and is really helping find a true love for people. 
Other things that happened this week. An Elder named Elder Hipolito moved in to our house and is finishing his mission this fact, he was my first district leader. Also our street flooded and it started to flood into our house a little can say that rain season is here. I went to rancagua for a meeting with president for the new district leaders. i learned a lot. My progress in spanish is incredible! i give classes for an hour and a half everyweek in spanish to help other missionaries learn stuff. Super awesome. Also miracle of the week. An Hermana in the ward asked my comp and i for a blessing because her baby that isnt born yet wasnt doing to good. I gave her the blessing and she had her baby the next day...2 months early....but it came out 100% healthy without any problems. The power of God is on the earth today. 

Friday, April 22, 2016

April 16

Super Raining this week here in talca! But super good as well! Our investigators are doing well. This week we found a couple with the help of Elder Evans(asistant to the pres. ) named Victor and Rebecca. We taught them lesson 1 and he expressed his desire to change his habbit of smoking. He offerend the last prayer on his knees and it was super spiritual. Jenifer and Raul started to live the word of wisdom and did it all this week. they arent reading or going to church yet though. We are going to work with that. Nicolas was sick with Bronkitous(I dont know how to spell that) and couldnt come to church, but his mom who is completly inactive came which was a huge success for the week. Divisiones with elder evans were super good. i learned a lot on helping the people feel the spirit instead of just teaching them. It has started to be rain season here...some streets are completly flooded. I went to Rancagua this week in travels for my comp to meet with president, and im going to back this week to be trained to be a district leader. Other than that everything is normal.