Monday, May 2, 2016

May 2, 2016

This week was a good week. We had 3 lessons with members and that was a huge success for our ward. We taught our fecha Nicolas about prophets in a really simple way so that he could understand. He asked us if there was a prophet on the earth today. We told him yes, but he needed to pray and ask god if there was. We are going to pass today to see how that went. Victor and Rebecca- we finally found out what has been going on with them. Her uncle is dying of cancer and they have been in the hospital with him. I went on divisions with Elder Terrazas. He is a Bolivian who is just starting his mission. Super cool kid. This week in my studies i found a really good verse that had an impact on me. In 2 nephi 28:32 the lord says ¨"if they will repent and come unto me; for mine arm is lengthened out all the day long." it has helped me realize that i need to love more and put my arm out to help everyone.

Monday, April 25, 2016

April 25th. Going Great

This week was pretty good dispite not being in the sector on friday. We taught a new investigator with a member this week named Eveline. She really has a love for Jesus Christ and the Bible, but has a hard time believing that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. however, she committed to read and pray about it and accepted a fecha baptismal. Bad news is we didnt have contact with Vicotr and Rebecca this week. Nicolas didnt go to church, but we have plans to visit him today and explain the sabbath day to him and all his family. I have been struggling in finding a real love for the people here in chile, and in the reunion that we had we talked a lot about love for the people we serve. Also in my personal studies i came upon 2 nephi 26:30 that says without charity we are nothing. I have the goal to continue and work on that. We are working well as a companionship. Elder Espinoza is a fine young man and is really helping find a true love for people. 
Other things that happened this week. An Elder named Elder Hipolito moved in to our house and is finishing his mission this fact, he was my first district leader. Also our street flooded and it started to flood into our house a little can say that rain season is here. I went to rancagua for a meeting with president for the new district leaders. i learned a lot. My progress in spanish is incredible! i give classes for an hour and a half everyweek in spanish to help other missionaries learn stuff. Super awesome. Also miracle of the week. An Hermana in the ward asked my comp and i for a blessing because her baby that isnt born yet wasnt doing to good. I gave her the blessing and she had her baby the next day...2 months early....but it came out 100% healthy without any problems. The power of God is on the earth today. 

Friday, April 22, 2016

April 16

Super Raining this week here in talca! But super good as well! Our investigators are doing well. This week we found a couple with the help of Elder Evans(asistant to the pres. ) named Victor and Rebecca. We taught them lesson 1 and he expressed his desire to change his habbit of smoking. He offerend the last prayer on his knees and it was super spiritual. Jenifer and Raul started to live the word of wisdom and did it all this week. they arent reading or going to church yet though. We are going to work with that. Nicolas was sick with Bronkitous(I dont know how to spell that) and couldnt come to church, but his mom who is completly inactive came which was a huge success for the week. Divisiones with elder evans were super good. i learned a lot on helping the people feel the spirit instead of just teaching them. It has started to be rain season here...some streets are completly flooded. I went to Rancagua this week in travels for my comp to meet with president, and im going to back this week to be trained to be a district leader. Other than that everything is normal. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March 27, 2016

So, this week we are not going to talk about the investigors, because there isnt much happening this week but a few cool things happened this week. 
First i had to teach an elder how to be a man. we had divisions and he came to my area, he was throwing rocks and spitting on cars and just being super rude. i took him to the side and had a talk with him for about 30 minutes, and i dont even know why he is like that. he has a year and a half on the misison. but yeah, that was cool.
The next day we had an asado with a less active family which was super cool. it was a feast, meat, salads, home made bread, pebre, potatos, etc. 
The next day chile played argentina so we had to stay in the house. Argentina won by the way.
Then our investigator Elena made us homemade empanadas!!!
Then we went home and guess what??? someone is breaking in our house, hahahahahahha we yell at him and try to chase him but he hops our fense. long story short, everything is ok. we stole his ladder that he used to get over the wall in our window and we did some modifications to our house for more safety. 
Then on sunday we went to church and to repay Elena, i made her french toast and then taught a super good lesson on the Atonement. The Atonement is such a great topic and i could seriously study it for months. 
anyway that was my week! hope you enjoyed yours!

Monday, March 28, 2016

March 21, 2016

This week we contacted a bunch, but we also started to see the fruits of our labors. We have 4 new investigators this week.
Felipe, Kathrine, Raul, y Jennifer. 
We taught all of them lesson 1 but they all had different questions. Felipe is 23 and lives with his parents, we left him with a book of mormon and he a lot of interst because he wants to learn about the history of the people here in the americas. 
Kathrine lives with her mom, husband and 2 kids. She is Catholic but said she is open to listen and learn more. Raul and Jenifer and a couple that live together with one kid. They read the little book of lesson and in the second lesson we left them with a book of mormon. We have another appt on tuesday to see if they have been reading the chapters we left them. 
Gustavo and Macarena are still progressing. We showed them the Restoration movie this week and they really enjoyed it. Macarena told us at the end of the lesson that she really wants to know if Joseph Smith is real. We re taught her how to pray and she committed to pray. 
Our less actives and recent converts we hard to reach this week. We only had one lesson with a less active but she has been starting to read the book of mormon again.
This week i gave a talk in sacrament meeting which gave me the oportunity to study the topic. It was conversion. I learned that we need to not only build our testimonies(knowledge) but also our converstion(actions). We can all apply this to our lives so that we are ready for the second coming of Jesus Christ. 
We had a capicitacion this week i really learned the importance of using members and we are going to start focusing on that a bit more. 
As of training, elder Espinoza is still progressing well. He is having a hard time walking a lot and is super tired so i have been trying to help him find an excitement for the work rather than jsut go through the action. I am doing very good. i am really really learning about myself and the importance of the gospel.

Monday, March 7, 2016

March 7, 2016

Corbin is growing and doing great.

CHANGES!!!!!  (por fin)
This week was a little slow on the work side because i had to go to rancagua to get my carnet (all my paperwork to be legal here) and my companion wanted to say goodbye to the members on the weekend. But as for the investigators, Daniela we are going to leave for a bit, she wants to progress but is super lazy with her commitments and we feel that it is best to give her a small break. Rodrigo and his family were taught the importance of scripture study and family prayer which can invite the spirit into their lives to help him quit his habbit of smoking. They told that they were going to do it and i will be going back this week to make sure all is going well with that. Elena called and told us that she read the chapter that we left her to read in the book of mormon which was actually a really nice surprise, she said that she has some questions about the reading that we will go and help her clarify this week. We are keeping her fecha the same and are really going to push her to keep assisiting church. Gustavo and Macarena are good as normal. Elder Paynemil and Elder Cluff taught them when i was in rancagua the importance of Family Scripture Study. They said that they are going to do it because they want to learn more. So far there is no near solution to their problem of divorecment, but we will keep trying to find solutions. There was a baptism this week of a kid of a recent convert family. He is 8 and his name is Maximo. it was good for the ward and i think it really boosted the excitement in the ward. 
In my personal study this week i came across a verse that i would really like to share because it helped me out a ton. 
D&C 6:34 
"Therefore, fear not, little flock; do good; let earth and hell combine against you, for if ye are built upon my rock, they cannot prevail."
This really was an awesome scripture because it promises that if we are built upon his rock, (if we are obedient to the commandments and do what the prophets ask) hell or earth cannot prevail. That is awesome to know that we have this promise in this life.
This change i will be starting to train a new missionary. Should be an awesome experience and hopefully i can help him out a lot. 
Elder Waite

to add on the bottom for the blog for this week.
This week also was a little weird. When i was coming home from Rancagua we got stuck in the bus termanal in Curico, a city on the way to Talca, and we couldnt finish our travels to Talca that night. We luckily found some missionaries there and slept on their floor in their house. Also, we went to a house of member to visit, and we had to cast out demons from his weird and so cool. love you all and hope your week is filled with joy. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Whoa...Too slow. Feb 22 2016 letter

Sorry I have been slacking.  Elder Waite is in Talca is the last letter.  Just to update...he has been battling fungus on his feet and something with a tooth, but it's all good.  His English gets worse every week.  If you know Spanish, you will know exactly the Spanish phrases he is thinking when he writes these letters now.  He is thinking Spanish and writing English translations most of the time.  :)

This week was another good one here in Piduco. We put 5 new fechas for a total of 11, but 6 fell due to assitance...the good thing however is that we had 4 investigators at church. First i would like to talk about the interview that i had with President Warne. He left me with ether chapter 12 and it really helped me learn a lot. I learned that it doesnt matter how tough the situation (or companion), i need to make the best out of it and show my through my actions to invite the spirit in every way possible. I have for sure been working on my patience and humility and i have been trying to give my companion a compliment every day. 
Now for the people who went to church. Gustavo and Macarena are a couple who we are teaching...we put a fecha with them this week for the second of april. We just need to get them married, but they have desires to be baptized so it is looking pretty good. The other two are named Javiera and Elena. They are a mom and daughter who we have taught the restoration. Elena, the mom, has started to pray daily. 
The other fechas we have are named Angie and Gonzalo. We have one lesson with each of the one so we will see how they progress. The family with Rodrigo, Olivia, and Pia still havent gone to church, but we are teaching the importance of sabbath day observance this week.

....yeah super miricale filled week. and the mission presidents wife called me the regalon of the mission. they brought cookies to all the missionaries for interviews but she slipped me and extra and we got a pic on her blog haha..  she said we had one of the cleanest in the mission. we scrubbed for hours hahaha...

....yeah. my feet are still dying ahha my feet are like black fungis lol. but its all good. i love teaching, it is honestly the greatest thing ever. and i feel pretty confident in spanish now. losing my accent and i think in pure spanish now. only cnat express my self 100% but can get arounx 100% solo. so thats good. maybe when we skype in may we can talk a little spanish