Monday, December 14, 2015

December 14th letter

Well, what a confusing week.
Started out teaching these members the law of chastity, and commited them to get married since they are living together with kids. im not really sure that one has slipped by for so long, but they are going to get married in februaray. that was a major success for my comp and i. then tuesday we did a giant family home evening with us and two other elders and like 5 families in the ward. we had a giant asado!!!(bbq but more meat ahha). then wednesday we went to rancagua for a christmas activity with the president and half the missionaries from the about getting homesick hahaha. so friday we turned that homesickness into pure success. we found 4 four new people and gave them all baptism dates. We now have Kamal, Daniela, Sergio Barria, Sergio Escobera, MArcela, Janet, all with baptism dates in January...lets hope they all go to church and keep there commitments....also fabiana and fernando said after christmas they are taking a break from selling stuff and will be 100 percent commited to coming to church and getting baptised so lets hope that they do it. i hope all these people come through and my comp and i start getting success. changes are this tuesday!!! but im staying another change in Buin, an answer to my prayers because i really wanted to stay here because i think that we will see some of our investigators get baptized here soon. a dude from argentina and equador are going to be living with my comp and i. looks like we will be speaking spanish every night in the house. lol. other than that a few quotes i wanted to share...
"if you quit now, others will painfully learn what you already know"
¿are you living worthy of the person you want to marry?

anyways if any of you were thinking about a last second christmas package, soccer jerseys and jerkey are always at the top of my list. hahaah. Love you all and hope all is well back home.
Elder Waite

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