Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sept 10, 2015

Well this was probably one of the best weeks of the mission so far as the mtc goes. Talk about small world. there is a teacher here, his name is hermano palma and he served his mission with mason yates. carazy how small the world is. So i have a crazy story about my teacher here in the mtc who almost got arrested...his wife is 8 months pregnant and is having a rough time and is going to the hospital a lot. On saturday night our teacher *hermano garza* got a call that they had to bring his wife to the hospital so right after class he went straight to the hospital. when he got there he asked where his wife was and no one would help him and know one knew where she was. he obviously got worried and angry. he put on an old hoodie, snuck past all the security and made his way into the office of the man who runs the whole hospital. he put his hand into his jacket making it look like a gun. he cornered the guy and made demands for his wife to be found. the guy located his wife and apologized then my teacher simply said thank you and smiled then walked out. hahahahah what a crazy story. the district has has its most successful week in terms of focus and learning. it has been raining a lot flooding a bit. i traded 8 ties this week. it has become a sick obsession of mine haha. also on friday we were playing soccer with latinos and one of them kicked me square in the eye. i was rocking the black eye this week. and i forgot to take a picture. i am so excited to help people change their lifes through the help of the atonement and gospel of jesus christ. i love you all.
Elder Waite
Chile Rancagua Mission

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