Monday, September 28, 2015

Sept. 28, 2015

Well, lets start out by saying that South America is tight. My first area is called Buin. it is at the very northern tip of my mission about 20 miles from santiago. My companions name is Elder Chaves from Brasil and sometimes he starts speaking to me in portugese which is hard because he doesnt realize it. Spanish is super tough to be honest...if you can call it spanish. They don`t use many normal spanish and they besically mix every 5 words into one. They talk so fast that they all could become famous rappers if they wanted. hahaha so yeah if you didnt understand my message i cant understand anything. We had one baptismal date but it fell, so we are just focusing on members (to practice my spanish) and some contacting. Our apartment is pretty....humble. no hot water except in the shower, which sometimes workks for like 5 minutes but it isnt that bad. I just wish i could learn spanish now. It has been alittle cold this week but i am told it is going to get really really hot soon. We did a couple service projects this week. We painted a room for this lady and the other we re roofed a house. The people here live in very humble places. One house we went to only had a bathroom(just a toliet) and a bedroom with one bed a table which took up all the space, and that was their home. all the homes are small and simple but the people are sooo nice. Even the people who arent members help us out. They dont eat dinner here, only breakfast then lunch at a members house. But they eat like 6 meals for lunch. for example, yesterday for lunch we had two bowls of soup and 3 sandwiches to start, followed by a giant plate of spagetti, then dessert. and we have to eat everything they give us haha. its hard because sometimes the food isnt up to par but its all good. something else that is different here is for the summers we work until 11:30 at night and dont wake up til 7:30. I guess it is like chilean customs or something. It rained one of the days a ton and we were walking in water up to my shin which was pretty cool. Im going to finsih with so far the craziest story of my mission. Saturday night my comp and i were walking to a members house to share a scripture( we walk like 8-10 miles a day) and we were stopped by this guy. He said hey come on in guys so we entered this guys buisness. It is like 8 at night and we go into this guys back dirt place of the buisness. We sit down with these three guys who are drinking...a lot...smoking and doing cocaine. my companion gets uncomfortable and tries to tell the guy we need to leave but they want to talk. We talk for like an hour and my comp goes to the bathroom. i dont really understand the fast chilean spanish and it was 15x harder with drunk chilean spanish. but i asked them if they like soccer and they said yes and so i offered to play with them sometime and got their contact info. long story short we ended up spending 2 hours there, reading a whole chapter from the builble, handied out 3 pass along cards and a book of mormon. and we going to visit one this week. TIGHTTTT. #thuglife. The rumor about the dogs is true. every street has about 4 dogs with missing fur and fleas laying there but its cool. they are calm most of the time. 
Hope all is well.
Elder Waite
Chile Rancagua Mission

Here are some other things he mentioned:

im alright. stuggling pretty hard. but honestly i dont need anything.just some one to translate chileano y portugese for me hahah

yeah my comp is so cool

everything is sooooo nice in the states

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