Tuesday, October 13, 2015

October 12, 2015

So, this week was pretty slow. We were getting doors slammed in our face all week. Got yelled at ton, and yeah. but we also set 2 baptismal dates this week so wohooo! hopefully they will keep progressing and make it to there date without any problem. Alittle about them. Their names are Fabianna and Fernando. They make a living off selling crafts they make. The husband is really skilled at carving things and makes like little wood cars that roll and stuff. We had our third lesson and they accepted the invitation to be baptized but didnt come to church this week so that is small problem. This week was a soccer game between Chile and Brazil which was crazy. Litterally everything shuts down here and big parties in the streets. We had to go to our house 2 hours early because it isnt safe. So we had a little party with the 4 of us in the house. The neighbors kept us updated on the score. Chile won 2-0. My comp is from Brazil so he has been getting crap all week and it is pretty funny. i started a new game with my comp because he likes to sleep in...like sleep way in....so the game is called terremotto o tsunami. (Earthquake or tsunami). In the morning i ask him terremotto o tsunami. and if he says terremotto i shake his bed until he wakees up or falls out. if he says tsunami i dump water on him. he never picks that haha. and ifhe is too lazy to decide, i do. he hates the game but i get sick of him sleeping in. We went to this cool market thing called the ferria which is just a GIANT market where people just sell anything and everything. Sunday was...interesting....church was great, then we went to pick up our lunch and they had forgotten about us so we didnt get lunch...oops, but that is ok because we litterally eat so much it is hard. after weekly planning we were going to bring sacrament to an oldlater and on the corner of our street was a gangster waiting for us. He yelled f you gringos (because me and one other gringo live in our house and a brasilian and an ecuadorian.) then he flipped us off. the other gringo waved and said hi which pissed the guy off. he waved his finger then took off his shirt and pointed to a tat on his stomach wich said "SKINHEAD" which was kind of confusing honestly. and then he yelled some more bad stuff in spanish and left. on our way to the ladys house was a shaved dog spray painted with nazi symbol....after the sacrament at her house we were going to a family home evening and we got followed by a scitsofenic ( Spelling???) guy who im not going to repeat the weird things he was telling us...but yeah we gave him a pass along card. hahah. That was my most entertaining sunday. 

In case you were wondering about the food...here are the most common things:
Chicken(cooked is an option. lol) 
hotdogs in any and every dish.

weird things i have eaten here... soup with meat, potato and banannas..that sucked.
pizza...kind of...had guac, tomatoes, chicke, corn, and pineapple. 
and sometimes, depending on the house you eat the bones after you eat the chicken. 

thats all i have for this week. pray for my investigators, spanish, and to find new people. love you all. 

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