Thursday, October 22, 2015

October 19, 2015

Well we will start off with the positive experiences this week. Our investigators that are progressing are Fabianna and Fernado as you all ready know. They started reading a little bit from the book of mormon and they have so much faith and such a good spirit...but they wont come to church. They said they dont like how we wear ties and nice clothes but we are trying to get them to understand that is just out of respect that we dress in our best. We also have a less active who is now reading the book of mormon, attending institute and church. so that is good. We did a service project this week, we cut down a tree. but the hard part was the top was in grown in the power cable so i climbed up like 15-20 feet on the ladder made of rotten wood to cut those out...kind of scary but pretty cool. It rained for two days straight and got about 6 inches standing water in the sides of the streets. There was the ground breaking for the Concepcion Chile temple so that was exciting here.

Now to the stories. 
i think that it was hate North Americans week here in Chile or something. 
First Story, The SKINHEAD tattoo guy returned...he was walking across the street and basically did the same thing, but his friend yelled and said in spanish, "go back to north america or we will kill you" i said nos vemos manano po. (see ya tomorrow dude) and then they left. haven´t seen them for a couple days. 

Second Story, We were crossing the street and this car started speeding up so we backed up and the guy rolleddown his window and yelled f america...then drove off. 

Third Story, Yesterday we were walking to an apppointment and this older lady (55-65) came out of her house and asked if we were from north america. My comp said no, but my companion is. She then looked right in my eyes and went off for about 5 minutes about how she hates me because our government killed her brothers like 40 years ago or something. i couldnt catch it all because she was talking so fast. Then she talked to my comp calmly for like 5 minutes, then we started walking off and she went off again about how she hated me.

On top of all that, we ran into young kids (12-18) like six times this week who know every swear word and other stuff and i called every single one. 

it is kind of cool hearing all these stories and i cant wait to have more. My spanish is coming along and i taught a family home evening solo the other day in spanish with a member family to practice so that was good.

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