Thursday, September 3, 2015

September 3, 2015

Here is the weekly report from Mexico City

Well, the sickness continues, just as i was getting over the virus i got the stomach flu. that was a fun 3 days. hahaha but it is all good. everyone has their own trials in different ways. the spanish is coming, but it is pretty hard because we learn 2 new topics a day and then we never touch on them again....but i feel like there is A LOT of improvement. I have started going out to the cement soccer court every day during exercise time now..that is a great escape. i was pretty sad though because all my latino friends left for their missions this week and that was a pretty hard thing to do(say bye). they are some cool dudes are are going to be doing some great things. one of them is serving in salt lake city. a new district came into our zone this week. two of them are going to be serving in the reno nevada mission. i told them all about it haha. hopefully they come to fallon one day and give everyone my personal hellos. We had another devotional this tuesday....they are always so good. it is nice to know that the apostles of the lord take time to personally speak to the missionaries...puts into perspective how important the work is. the food here seems to be going downhill and they have been having some problems with the water. we had to go two mornings this week without water at our house...Que Bueno!!! ahahha. but it is alright, little things like that are unimportant. as i said last week we go to this thing called TRC. i love that and this week my comp and i got to talk to this girl who is working in the temple right now. she is wanting to serve a mission and is going to put her papers in soon i think. she told us she loves to learn languages and she is 19 and already speaks spanish, english, portugese, italian, and i cant ever get spanish hahaha. I started getting quite a few blisters on my feet from all the soccer my feet arent use to, but everyone here think im some sort of magician with the soccer ball. haha everyday there is alittle fight on who gets to pick me first....i wish i could trade soccer skills for spanish skills. i guess it is just a reflection on the amount of time and effort put into things....entonces i need to put more effort into spanish and rely on the help from the holy ghost. District leader is all right. i go to meetings every sunday to talk with our branch president and our zone leaders about the progress of our is kind of intimidating but it is fun. prayer will help your lives and i encourage you all to try and make prays more sincere and heart felt. i love and miss you all.
Elder Waite

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