Saturday, August 29, 2015

Another Week of Progress

Well, the CCM plague that Ryan told you all about hit me. I´ve been under the weather for 4 days but i am starting to make solid progress now. Elder Heap and i go out and play papí futbol every other day and that is nice for me to relax and get into my comfort zone. all the latinos here just call me messi because i was a messi jersey and i was playing pretty good. haha My comp is really stugggling with spanish so in lessons i do most of the talking then he says, "NO Expacion, no Salvacion" (No atonement, no salvation) haha it is pretty funny. Elder Todd Christofferson of 12 came and gave us devotional yesterday....very spirtual. My two fav quotes were "you know you are a real missionary when getting rejected hurts, not for you, but because you love them and are pained because they are missing the gospel"
and the other on was that the lord will never leave us alone. We got to go to the open house for the mexico city temple is hugeeeeee. biggest one in the world outside of the states. that was a great experience as well. We have been doing this thing called TRC which is cool. it is just volunteers from mexico and we get to talk to them in spanish for 20-30 minutes. i held a 25 minute conversation the other day en solo español. it was a great feeling. The food is alright but my comp and i are slimming down on meals because ive gained 10 lbs already haha. We know will get sick in chile and lose it all in a month or two anyway. lol. i love you all and cant wait to here from you.

Elder Waite
Chile Rancagua Mission

Here is a few more notes that Elder Waite sent too...
my comp and i made some super good latino friends and today was our last p day together playing papi futbol. we all said goodbye and they started crying. it was pretty learning what it means to love people for who they are

He is doing good!  Miss him, but proud.

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