Saturday, August 22, 2015

First Letter From the CCM. Aug 20,2015

Hey Everyone!!
The CCM or mtc as you gringos would call it is pretty cool. it is like a little city in the middle of mexico city. we have a little store that we get 100 pesos credit each week (like 8 buck) and a little hair salon and a gym. I am district leader of district 15a here. Good group of guys. We have had a couple moments of small arguments but we have an Elder who keeps everything light. His name is elder smith. 210lbs 5 foot 7, big glasses, dorky haircut...but he is the best!!! We write down quotes from him every day. A couple of my favorite....
"If John the Revalator can eat a book, i can eat a napkin" followed up with eating napkin.

"When a girl had blonde hair and dark eyebrows im like, not fooling me"

"Its raining blessings" as he pulls out his umbrella in sunlight. 
They might not be as funny to you guys because you dont know him but i hope that you get a laugh. 

My comp is cool. Big dude from Arizona. He lifts for fun and the other we were in the gym and he asked me to spot him as he benched...he had 360lbs at one point, like bro you think i can help you with that. hahahha

I am the district leader here for my district 15a. We are the only the district without hermanas in it but it is probably better so all the elders can focus on their study..

The food is good 2 out the 3 meals a day but when it is good we eat so much. i am gaining weight because eat all we can then go to class hahah. I miss you all and hope for emails. 

Con mucho amor,

Elder Waite

a little more to say because i got a little more time. 
It is hard to sleep at night because there are always cars, gunshots, and sirens. the city up on the side of the hill is super cool. i look at it everyday. in the little store here i spend all my money and there gatorades(they are a liter and have all kinds of flavors) that are like 19 pesos. and this other drink that is just like that coconut water you drink but with pineaplpe in it too. sooooo good.

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