Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9 Report

Here is a few notes from our conversation and the letter home this week.  Thanks everyone who writes to Elder Waite.

This week i got my new comp. Elder Porter. He is a district leader so he is super by the rules on the dot and is working super hard with me. i showed him the outline of our area on tuesday. we have been contacting like crazy and have given out over 20 book of mormons this week. i also went on cambios with the zone leader this week. that was a learning experience. Saturday i taught an english class which was a little scary but it went good. i am going to be teaching one every saturday now. Also for the crazy experience thi elder in my house broke his jaw and had to get surgery!
love you all!

I asked what he is eating now...
food is alright. pretty bland a lot. a lot of rice and soups which kinda suck cause it is hot. also salad with every meal. but it is just lettuce covered in oil and lemon juice. but i actually like that now. and for myself i eat oatmeal because its cheap, noodles too. and sometimes eggs. fruits are starting to come out now so a lot of that

i was in a trio today because my comp was in santiago for a doctors visit because he has herpies in his eye hahahahhah. so i had to go pick him up then buy his food for the week

When asked if he was happy, Elder Waite replied,
yeah! the only thing is i get alittle homesick sometimes but that is normal i guess

When asked how things in general were, and about his new companion...
all is going good. he is a super hard worker. and yeah im healthy

That's all I have for this week.  Thanks again to everyone who writes to Elder Waite

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