Sunday, November 22, 2015

November 16th Letter

This week we had diivisions again. i led the sector with a kid who had less than a week on his mission....but he was so full of faith and everything went well. some quick news....FABIANNA WENT TO CHURCH!!!!! yeah, that was sick, so we are going to see how her experience went and hopefully give her a date for baptism. 
We did service like 4 days this week for quite a long time actually. we also had another investigator at church this week too...Janet. and 5 less actives. Lets just say we were feeling pretty good at church this week hahah.We fond a couple new people to teach this week and one let us in...but he doesnt belive in preisthood so that is a tough situation to take of, but we are working on that. we had a meeting with the new president (for like 2 weeks) he pretty much just smacked us in the face and no one wanted to do much that day. He told us that we dont have baptism because we arent good missionaries....but the whole entire mission had 6 baptisms the last 2 months...its hard here. Then he asked if we were going to change that and we all said yes, he said no, you guys dont have faith and dont work hard...then we had a prayer and left...yeah that was rough..but other than that we had a great week!

Elder Waite
Chile Rancagua Mission

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