Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March 27, 2016

So, this week we are not going to talk about the investigors, because there isnt much happening this week but a few cool things happened this week. 
First i had to teach an elder how to be a man. we had divisions and he came to my area, he was throwing rocks and spitting on cars and just being super rude. i took him to the side and had a talk with him for about 30 minutes, and i dont even know why he is like that. he has a year and a half on the misison. but yeah, that was cool.
The next day we had an asado with a less active family which was super cool. it was a feast, meat, salads, home made bread, pebre, potatos, etc. 
The next day chile played argentina so we had to stay in the house. Argentina won by the way.
Then our investigator Elena made us homemade empanadas!!!
Then we went home and guess what??? someone is breaking in our house, hahahahahahha we yell at him and try to chase him but he hops our fense. long story short, everything is ok. we stole his ladder that he used to get over the wall in our window and we did some modifications to our house for more safety. 
Then on sunday we went to church and to repay Elena, i made her french toast and then taught a super good lesson on the Atonement. The Atonement is such a great topic and i could seriously study it for months. 
anyway that was my week! hope you enjoyed yours!

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