Monday, March 28, 2016

March 21, 2016

This week we contacted a bunch, but we also started to see the fruits of our labors. We have 4 new investigators this week.
Felipe, Kathrine, Raul, y Jennifer. 
We taught all of them lesson 1 but they all had different questions. Felipe is 23 and lives with his parents, we left him with a book of mormon and he a lot of interst because he wants to learn about the history of the people here in the americas. 
Kathrine lives with her mom, husband and 2 kids. She is Catholic but said she is open to listen and learn more. Raul and Jenifer and a couple that live together with one kid. They read the little book of lesson and in the second lesson we left them with a book of mormon. We have another appt on tuesday to see if they have been reading the chapters we left them. 
Gustavo and Macarena are still progressing. We showed them the Restoration movie this week and they really enjoyed it. Macarena told us at the end of the lesson that she really wants to know if Joseph Smith is real. We re taught her how to pray and she committed to pray. 
Our less actives and recent converts we hard to reach this week. We only had one lesson with a less active but she has been starting to read the book of mormon again.
This week i gave a talk in sacrament meeting which gave me the oportunity to study the topic. It was conversion. I learned that we need to not only build our testimonies(knowledge) but also our converstion(actions). We can all apply this to our lives so that we are ready for the second coming of Jesus Christ. 
We had a capicitacion this week i really learned the importance of using members and we are going to start focusing on that a bit more. 
As of training, elder Espinoza is still progressing well. He is having a hard time walking a lot and is super tired so i have been trying to help him find an excitement for the work rather than jsut go through the action. I am doing very good. i am really really learning about myself and the importance of the gospel.

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