Monday, February 22, 2016

Whoa...Too slow. Feb 22 2016 letter

Sorry I have been slacking.  Elder Waite is in Talca is the last letter.  Just to update...he has been battling fungus on his feet and something with a tooth, but it's all good.  His English gets worse every week.  If you know Spanish, you will know exactly the Spanish phrases he is thinking when he writes these letters now.  He is thinking Spanish and writing English translations most of the time.  :)

This week was another good one here in Piduco. We put 5 new fechas for a total of 11, but 6 fell due to assitance...the good thing however is that we had 4 investigators at church. First i would like to talk about the interview that i had with President Warne. He left me with ether chapter 12 and it really helped me learn a lot. I learned that it doesnt matter how tough the situation (or companion), i need to make the best out of it and show my through my actions to invite the spirit in every way possible. I have for sure been working on my patience and humility and i have been trying to give my companion a compliment every day. 
Now for the people who went to church. Gustavo and Macarena are a couple who we are teaching...we put a fecha with them this week for the second of april. We just need to get them married, but they have desires to be baptized so it is looking pretty good. The other two are named Javiera and Elena. They are a mom and daughter who we have taught the restoration. Elena, the mom, has started to pray daily. 
The other fechas we have are named Angie and Gonzalo. We have one lesson with each of the one so we will see how they progress. The family with Rodrigo, Olivia, and Pia still havent gone to church, but we are teaching the importance of sabbath day observance this week.

....yeah super miricale filled week. and the mission presidents wife called me the regalon of the mission. they brought cookies to all the missionaries for interviews but she slipped me and extra and we got a pic on her blog haha..  she said we had one of the cleanest in the mission. we scrubbed for hours hahaha...

....yeah. my feet are still dying ahha my feet are like black fungis lol. but its all good. i love teaching, it is honestly the greatest thing ever. and i feel pretty confident in spanish now. losing my accent and i think in pure spanish now. only cnat express my self 100% but can get arounx 100% solo. so thats good. maybe when we skype in may we can talk a little spanish

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